September 18, 2017

DreamBox is a rigorous math curriculum that students access online both at school and at home.  It adapts to meet each student’s educational needs while playing within the program in an engaging learning environment on a desktop computer, laptop or iPad. Click the following links (it works best with IE) to read more (in English and Spanish) about Dreambox and how parents can access Dreambox online and on an iPad as well as how to set up their own parent account. If you have any questions about how your student should log in to Dreambox, please contact your child's teacher. For more information, click here to get more Parent Information on Dreambox. This link will take you to our Olde Creek Dreambox login. Have your child enter his or her username and password on the left side of the screen.

DreamBox Access on an iPad:

To access DreamBox on an iPad, you’ll need to have the DreamBox blue and green apps, plus the Clever app. All of these apps are approved and have tech assessment reports in the database, so your TSSPec should be able to install them.