Rising 7th Grade Curriculum Night - Robinson MS

January 18, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Robinson Middle School!  We invite all rising 7th grade students and their parents to attend the Rising 7th Grade Curriculum Night on the evening of Thursday, January 18, 2018 (Inclement weather date:  January 22).  This program is designed to provide students and parents an opportunity to learn about the middle school course selection process, academic and elective course offerings and requirements, and afterschool programs that are available.

The program for parents/students participating in ESOL, Spanish Immersion and special education will begin at 5:15 pm.   Please see the text box below for the specific rooms for parents and students to report to for this introductory session on ESOL, Spanish Immersion and/or special education.

At 6:00 pm, the general session for all parents/students will begin.   Students should report directly to the Gold Cafeteria for an elective showcase, while parents will report to Russell Theatre for the general program overview.    Please see the table below for the additional tour and elective information that will be presented.  The Curriculum Night will conclude at 8:00 pm. Parents, please be sure to identify a place to meet up with your child outside of Russell Theater in the main hallway.

It is our hope that you will gain valuable information to facilitate conversations with your child as you help them prepare to make appropriate course selections. See the attached PDF for printing purposes. 

Curriculum Night Events



Parent's Schedule

Student's Schedule


Meeting for parents of students enrolled in the following programs:

  English Speakers of Other Languages    

  (Room A 225)

  Spanish Immersion (Room D 217)

  Special Education (Media Center)

Meeting for students(with parents)currently enrolled in the following programs:

English Speakers of Other Languages

(Room A225)

Spanish Immersion (Room D217)

Special Education (Media Center)


Rising 7th Grade Curriculum Program (Russell Theatre)

Welcome/Elective Showcase: Welcome begins in the Gold Cafeteria with students being greeted by counselors who will explain the format of the evening. Students will then have the opportunity to explore electives at RMS by visiting three elective classrooms of their choice.  


Elective Courses: Parents will visit 4 elective classrooms of their choice.

An Overview of RMS: Learn about life at Robinson Middle from our SGA students, counselors, and administrators.  Highlights will include a presentation by RMS drama students, a performance from the Robinson Cheer Club, and Student Jeopardy Q & A Session.

The agenda for the Rising 7th Grade Curriculum Program and a list of the electives available to seventh graders are on the reverse side of this letter. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, January 18, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact Robinson Middle School Student Services at 703-426-2222.


Jennifer Miley

Jennifer Miley

Director of Student Services

Robinson Middle School


Rising 7th Grade Curriculum Program

Thursday, January 18, 2018, 6:00 pm

  1. Welcoming Remarks

            Matthew W. Eline, Principal             Christopher Farmerie, 7th Grade Sub School Principal

  1. Overview of Core Classes 

           Classroom Teachers

  1. Middle school transition, course selections and academic advisement timeline

           Jennifer Miley, Director of Student Services

  1. Elective Fair


Elective Fair Program Guide: Parents Only  

Please take time to review the enclosed Elective Explorer catalog with your child at home.

Then, select 4 different elective classes to visit.

Each session will last 15 minutes. Tour guides will be available to give directions to rooms.

The Elective Explorer is also located online on the Robinson Secondary Website

MS Electives Explorer Announcement on https://robinsonss.fcps.edu

Visit Classrooms- Student guides will help you find each room

Session Time


Session Name - Elective Course Name

Session Location

(Room Number)


(Session 1)




(Session 2)




(Session 3)




(Session 4)



We hope you enjoyed the sessions and learning more about RMS!


Meet you child near Russell Theatre.

Russell Theatre


7th Grade Electives Offerings:

Please visit us in the classroom for a first-hand look at your child’s elective options!


Teacher Contact Information

Room Number

Art Foundations/Computers in Art/ 3D Art/Peer Helping

Ms. Clarita Herce mcherce@fcps.edu



Ms. Judy Einuis     jkeinuis@fcps.edu


Chorus/Advanced Treble Chorus/Piano

Mr. Mike Horanski mthoranski@fcps.edu


Computer Solutions/ Coding & Innovative Technologies

Ms. Cara Lambert clambert@fcps.edu


Creative Writing/Newspaper/Reading/Yearbook

Ms. Adrienne Forte amforte@fcps.edu


Family and Consumer Science

Ms. Kathryn Esslinger kwesslinger@fcps.edu



Ms. Francesca Fitzgerald ftfitzgerald@fcps.edu


Media Communications (TV Broadcasting)

Mr. Chris Moore clmoore@fcps.edu


Spanish for Fluent Speakers

Ms. Ana Gonzalez akgonzalez@fcps.edu


Technology & Engineering Exploration

Mr. Steve Snyder slsnyder@fcps.edu


Theatre Arts (Drama)

Ms. Amy Hard amhard@cps.edu


World Languages

Ms. Emily Massey emassey@fcps.edu