Social Studies Websites

Ancient China is a track of sites that you can use to do research about Ancient China.

The Middle Ages for Kids links to sites about the middle ages and is organized by various topics such as castles, chivalry, food, monks, etc...

Ancient Greece is a track of sites that you can use to do research about Ancient Greece.

Biographies is a site provided by the publisher of our social studies textbook.

Virginia Trekkers  you’ll find video podcasts from each of the five regions of Virginia, plus lots of activities and games to review your Science and Social Studies SOLs.

1607 Journey to Jamestown

On the Trail of Captain John Smith

Multimedia Biographies is a website with biographies about current and historical figures.

SOL Pass is a website with games and practice quizzes for fourth grade Social Studies.

SOL PracticeQuizzes

Underground Railroad: The Journey ~ National Geographic Go on the journey to freedom through this interactive website.

Underground Railroad ~ Scholastic Listen to stories about the Underground Railroad.

Timeline allows you to make descriptive timelines. Entries on the timeline automatically become links that allow you to easily move from one point on the timeline to another.

Our Virginia-Past and Present This will take you to an electronic version of the Social Studies text used in the classroom. Your child's teacher can give you the username and password.

Interactive Sites for Education This page has links to many activities for social studies, science, math and language arts.

Time for Kids: Read about current issues and events.

Scholastic News: Read about current issues and events

National Geographic for Kids: Read about current issues and events.

Enchanted Learning: Good resource for information and research.

American Memory from the Library of Congress

National Gallery of Art for Kids

Primary Sources: This site is generated by the Library of Congress.

Jamestown Simulation: You are a settler in Jamestown. You get to make decisions and see how successful your colony is.