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Vision Statement

The vision of Olde Creek Elementary School is to have caring citizens and innovative thinkers who are prepared to improve a diverse world.

Mission Statement

The mission of Olde Creek Elementary School is to create a safe and accepting school community by fostering and modeling respect, belonging, and significance for each child.

We will challenge our school community to engage in an innovative learning environment by providing opportunities for risk taking, critical thinking, and collaboration that are purposefully connected to the real world.


The beliefs that guide our staff in working with children include:

  • Every child can achieve his or her academic goals by developing strong basic skills, problem-solving strategies, effective communication skills and positive social and citizenship qualities
  • Instruction should seamlessly incorporate critical and creative thinking, research, collaboration, and technology
  • Aesthetic expression reinforces and extends learning
  • A variety of assessment tools are needed to produce a valid and reliable measure of students' learning
  • Building a collaborative culture where teachers meet regularly as professional learning teams is essential for school improvement and student achievement
  • Building relationships with our students is the first step in closing the achievement gap and in helping all students be successful.

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Fairfax County School Board

Olde Creek ES is located in the Braddock District. Megan O. Mclaughlin is the Braddock District School Board Representative.  Please feel free to contact her at 571-423-1088 or @email

Fairfax County Public School - Region 5

Olde Creek ES is located in Region 5 in the Woodson Pyramid. Dr. Frances Ivey is the Region Assistant Superintendent, and Rebecca Baeing is the Executive Principal.  Contact information for the region office is below:

Region 5 Office # 571-423-1150

Frances Ivey - @email

Rebecca Baening -@email

Olde Creek is part of FCPS Region 5