Curriculum, Advanced Academic Programs (AAP), Special Education, Grading, Homework, and Supply Lists

The academic program at Olde Creek provides a foundation for lifelong learning, challenging students to think critically and become lifelong problem solvers.

Curriculum for each Grade

FCPS curriculum for K - 6 grades of elementary school.
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FCPS Advanced Academics Program

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Grading and Reporting

Elementary school students are evaluated quarterly.
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Special Education Instruction

Supporting the implementation of evidence-based practices to increase the academic achievement and the social and emotional competence of students based on individual needs.
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Homework is a key point of contact between home and school.  It is assigned to reinforce skills taught in the classroom and to enrich the school experience.  Teachers decide on the amount and type of work considering the level, maturity, and ability of the child, gradually increasing the responsibility for students in grades 1 – 6.  Parents should create a home environment that reinforces the importance of education.  The Parent Resource page links to valuable information.